Sebra stacking toy - Wildlife

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Staby toys are always a hit with the little ones. Here both the motorcycle and the senses are put to the test when the wild animals need to be explored.

The stack rings are designed as different animals and can easily be used for themselves.
For example, use the tukan tully as rattle and lion Lee as a baby mirror even before the baby is able to stack the animals on top of each other, thus taking advantage of the activity toys earlier and for a long time.

The staby toe helps to strengthen and challenge:
The sensation - when the child feels textures, softness and hardness as well as different materials.
The sense of sight - when the child experiences colors, textures and shapes.
Self -understanding - when the child can see himself in the mirror.
Coarse and fine motorcycle - when the child grabs the product or when trying to stack the animals on top of each other or take them off the stack.
The sense of hearing - when the child listens to the ranking sound from the tukan tully.

Recommended age: 0+.
Marking: CE, UKCA.

Warning. May not be used near open fire.
NOTE! Choking hazard: Remove the protective film from the mirror before giving the toy to the baby.