Sebra Silicone plate with lid Fanto - Vintage Rose

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Silicone plate with lid and a large room- a perfect serving and food storage plate, shaped like Sebra's classic elephant, Fanto. Here in the color Vintage Rose.
Fanto is an iconic design from Sebra, an elephant who could celebrate his 10th anniversary by 2020.

The practical silicon plate makes it easy to, serve, save and heat a meal - homemade food, mash or residue. The plate can withstand the freezer and the refrigerator (max minus 40 degrees) and can go in the microwave (max 230 degrees) so that baby food or other meal can be heated quickly and easily. You can thereby prepare or save meals, for example, if you need care and a light evening meal. End with countless storage buckets with different foods - here you have everything collected ... even directly on the plate so that serving the meal becomes quickly and easily. Of course, the plate can also be used for afternoon snacks, for example, carved fruit, cheese sticks and raisins. When the meal is eaten, simply get the plate in the dishwasher.

Recommended age: 4+ months

Instructions for use: for serving, heating and storing food.

Washing instructions: The product can withstand dishwasher. Clean the product before first use.

for your child's safety and health. WARNING! Use only the product under the supervision of an adult. Check the product every time before use. Boxes at first sign of injury or wear. Always check the food temperature before serving.

Sebra is subject to the Danish Food Authority's control as the company sells plates, bowls, cups and cutlery - all so -called food contact materials.
Sebra today has the best possible Danish quality stamp in relation to food security - namely the Danish Food Agency's "Elite Smiley". "Elite Smiley" is achieved only by prolonged accordance with the European and Danish Food Safety Rules - something that is tested and controlled by several notified and unannounced inspection visits. These control visits have shown each time that Sebra lives up to the rules. See the latest control report here.