Leander Bakke to Classic high chair - Gray

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For the Leander Classic ™ high chair we have developed a tray table that can help both children and adults. Now the child can sit in his Classic ™ highchair and eat, draw and play - right where the parents are. The tray table is clicked directly on the Classic ™ high chair's hanger. Because the tray is integrated into the hanger, the child does not get his fingers in pinch between tray and hanger. The tray is designed with a recess that holds liquid foods and beverages on the plate, and not on the floor.
  • Recommended for children from 0-2 years, or as long as the hanger is used
  • The child can eat and play, and join the community at the table
  • Easy to mount

Dimensions: B: 44 cm, D: 41 cm

Material: Food -approved plastic (ABS) so food can be directly on the tray

Product weight: 1 kg

Acceptance: European standard of child security and dangerous substances

< P> Certifications: A 14988

Warranty: 2 years

Maintenance: Withstands dishwasher