Kid'oh Sweet Dream 30x75x4 cm mattress for crib - Swan-labeled

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Kid´Oh Sweet Dream Lift Mattress-The Swan Label

Kid´Oh Sweet Dreams baby mattress is a suspending and comfortable mattress produced by the patented Waterlily® foam. The Waterlily® foam has a soft surface and a mold -resistant interior that ensures the baby maximum sleeping comfort. The soft surface of the mattress is absorbing, enabling the body to breathe freely as heat and humidity cannot be felt on the surface of the mattress. The material in the mattress also helps to less the risk of allergies as the emission values ​​are minimal.

Waterlily® foam is an environmentally friendly product that decomposes naturally. Surplus material from the production of the mattress is transformed into new raw materials so that the environmental impact is as little as possible throughout the mattress's long life. The core itself of the mattress is flame retardant, and made without the use of additives.

Swan-labeled Kid'oh Sweet Dreams Baby Madras is your safety for the best mattress for your baby.

Mattress Cover:

Mattress Cover has conceived thermould, which automatically directs moisture and heat away from the baby's body. The cover is made slightly larger than the mattress itself as it can shrink slightly when washing. The mattress cover is recommended washed at 60 ° C.

Mattress Covers Complies with the safety standard for baby mattresses with a hole in the zipper slider making it difficult for a child to open the cover. After mounting the cover on the mattress, the hanger on the slider should be cut off so that a child cannot open the cover. The cover can subsequently be opened again by putting a paper clip in the slider.

With Kid'oh Sweet Dreams Mattress Covering Your Baby Lies your baby perfectly optimally.

Meter: 30 x 75 x 4 cm

The Swan License License Number: 5031 0091