Hoppekids Bumper 60x120 cm - Sand

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This Cradlerim from Hoppekids ensures a safe environment for your child.With a bed rim, you do not have to worry about your child getting hurt while moving around in the cradle. At the same time, it protects your child from drafts and allows your child to shut out disruptive surroundings, which makes it easier for your child to fall asleep. The bedrim is divided into sections of approx. 40 cm. It allows you to adapt the bed rim to beds with different shapes. The combination of velcro and sections makes it easier to adapt the bed rim to smaller beds.The bed rim measures 260 cm in length and 20 cm in height. It is fastened using the cotton rims. The ends are assembled with velcro. The bed rim can be washed at 30 degrees. It must not be put in the dryer.Fits a cradle with the dimenasion 60x120 cm. Height: 23 cm. Closed with velcro and a attatcehd with ties.Materials: Cover: Cotton Filling: cotton woolCleaing: The cradle rim can be washed at 30 degrees. It must not be put in the dryer or ironed.Quality cover: 100% cotton, 125g/m2. Quality synthetic cotton wool: 80g/m2.Color: Light blue.OBS. Duvet, teddy bear, bed and other accessories are not included.