Fossflakes Baby Skies Newborn Mattress Topper

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Here it is! A mattress topper developed by experts!The Baby Skies mattress is developed by two danish chiropractors with the purpose in mind to facilitate the motor development of your child in a good and natural way. The mattress is ergonomic and suits infants in the age 0-6 months. Many infants sleep on a way too hard mattress on which it is difficult for them to move their neck. It might cause a stiff neck and a flat head, which this mattress topper alleviatesThe mattress have 7 dynamic and flexible zones that support the movements of your child meanwhile your child is strengthening their neck muscles. A strong neck and back is very important for the motor development of your child.The filling of the mattress is temperature regulating and makes sure that you child does not get too heatet by lying down and sleeping on the mattress.Put the mattress topper in your child's bed, baby carriage, on the play mat or on the sofa.The mattress can be washed at 60 degrees.Measures: 31 x 80 cm