Doomoo Basics 60x120 cm Mattress protector/wet bed sheet for all beds

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Doomoo Basics Mattress Cover is one of the market's most advanced mattress covers suitable for both baby, child and adult.
mattress cover has an absorption capacity of 2 liters / m2 with its five different layers. The unique composition means that the mattress cover can absorb large amounts of fluid in the nucleus, while the outer layer feels dry. The mattress cover is completely waterproof, padded, and the material can also breathe.

mattress covers grow with the child and can keep up with the size of the bed. The mattress coating padded surface fits a cot with the standard size 60 × 120 cm and is attached with flaps around the edge. For larger beds, the mattress coating can be turned and attached under the sides of the mattress. This way, you do not have to change mattress covers when the baby switches to a larger bed.

Mattress Cover can be machine washed 90 degrees and therefore remains fresh. Can be drying. Fragment = 1>
-Unique Sugting, 2 liters / m2
-Growing with the Baby, can be used in different sizes of beds
-holds a fresh odor, wash 90 degrees

Size: Fits Mattresses 60 x 120 cm (+30 cm on each Long side attached under the mattress) can be turned and fits larger beds
Material: 100% Polyester, Moisture Barrier Made of 100% Polyurethane