Cocoon Company Merino Wool 40x45 cm baby pillow

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Incredibly delicious and exclusive pillow, made of the finest organic merino wool upholstered in silky and 100% organic cotton.

The material is 100% organic. No chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fibers have been used to manufacture the products. Merino wool is incredibly breathable and will make sure you and your child get a nice temperate night and dry sleep. Merino wool contains lanolin, which means that house dust mites and bacteria cannot live in the wool fiber.

Merino Wool Cushions have a soft map of untreated organic merino wool and the properties of wool guarantees you and your child a pleasant and enchanting sleep. Use the pillow with a woolen quilt to complete the hypoallergenic sleeping environment.

Measures: 40x45 cm.
It is recommended that you use a baby cushion from 12 months at the earliest.