Cocoon Company Merino Wool 100x140 cm junior duvet medium

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Incredibly delicious and exclusive quilt, made of the finest organic merino wool upholstered in silky and 100% organic cotton.

The material is 100% organic. No chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fibers have been used to manufacture the products. Merino wool is incredibly breathable and will make sure you and your child get a nice temperate night and dry sleep. Merino wool contains lanolin, which means that house dust mites and bacteria cannot live in the wool fiber.

Meriono Wool the quilts are only filled with long wool fibers, and the duvet therefore feels extra airy and delicious.

Measures: 100x140 cm.


Light - 300g. woolen quilt for you who need a cool comforter.
Medium - 500 g. woolen duvet for you who need a warm comforter. Medium is a year -round quilt.
Heavy - 700 g. Woolen duvet for you who need a hot quilt for the cold nights.