bObles Tumbling Stone set - Rose

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Get ready for balance play! The bobles step stones are full of motor entertainment for the whole family.
Step Stones will beat most toys off the field when the children build tumblers or play "the earth is toxic".

Put a step stone under any bobbles tumble furniture and suddenly you have a rodeo crocodile or an even more advanced rocker board to challenge the balance. Only the imagination sets the limit.

When the parents are tired in their feet after a long day of playgrounds or work, Bobles Step Stones are great for a little foot massage. Put them in the kitchen while cleaning up and enjoying being pressed under the sole of the foot of the soft arc.

Step Stones fit perfectly with small hands that can easily hold onto them.
Bubbles tumbling in Marble Nature Colors is a beautiful and multifunctional addition to your home. With inspiration from the elements of nature, the warm marble colors melt into the interior and give a playful and subdued expression to the benefit of both children and parents.

Dimensions: X6 D 11, H 5.5 cm