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playing with balls is one of the most motor stimulating activities - for babies, children and adults. And that's why we love all our balls!
Marble Nature balls are a set of three sizes with lots of sensory -motor play in it. The baby can throw the balls all the way up into the sky and grab them again with their hands, kick them out with their feet, or roll them from one end of the living room - catch it - and feel the speed. Both small and large can join.

bobles ball sets come in 3 different sizes: 7cm, 11cm, 15, cm, and is Inspired by our beautiful colors in our Marble Nature collection. The balls challenge each in different ways.

Bobles ball set offers plenty of options for sensory -motor play for the whole body. The soft EVA foam in which Bobbles ball is made makes it a comfortable sensory for both children and babies. And Bold's ease makes it obvious to play with even for the very little ones.
The older kids can lie on the stomach and roll on ball or test the balance by using it as a stool.

Target: Ø 7, 11, 15cm