Baby Dan Potty Trainer w/ step

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toilet trainer from Babydan, making it easier, and safer for the child to learn how to go to the bathroom. Easily mounted on the toilet and allows the child to use the toilet.

The toilet trainer has non -slip feet, so there is full security for the child when used. If the accident is out, it is easily cleaned with water and soap.

Measures and specifications

1. Adult mounting required. Do not let children play with screws or parts as they may endanger children. & Nbsp;

2. Fits most toilets, but not square. Height from floor to basin must be between 36-43 cm. & Nbsp;

3. Check before use that all screws are tense. & Nbsp;

4. Place the toilet and make sure the seat sits correctly and the feet are safely on the floor and not on a mat. & Nbsp;

5. Adult monitoring is recommended. & Nbsp;

6. Max load 20 kg. & Nbsp;