Baby Dan ActiSteps 4-in-1 Activity Walker - purple

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The fun gang car is first used as a gladly, but actually has a total of 4 exciting features in one. The child gets both learning and play. It can be changed from walking-teaching to both scooter/running bike and scooters, and then it has removable toys with light and sound and balls. So it can be used both for motor development as the little one develops, and as a fun game with an activity center that speaks to more senses and helps the child learn while playing.

A soft coating makes the wheels quiet and make sure the stroller is gentle on the floor. The soft rubber works at the same time as a slip protection so that the car does not slip too easily. Sand can be filled in the stroller to make it heavy and thus adjust the difficulty and the wagon's wheels have a speed-control dial where you set the speed the little one should be able to go with (we recommend safety grids at all stairs). In this way it becomes a good and safe experience to learn to walk and you can adjust the difficulty as the child gets better. The sand is filled in the container on the inside (this is not a drink can and must not be used as such). If extra weight is needed, sand can also be filled in the stroller legs. The handlebar has 2 height settings.


1. Gingerun: To when the little one has to learn how to move the legs right, but lacks something to rely on to keep the balance. The child goes behind the carriage and holds the handles. Weight and extra speed control allows you to adapt the difficulty to the child's development level.

2. Scooter: The child sits on the included seat and plays scooter/running bike. A smart locking mechanism at
The swivel function allows mom/dad to set whether the scooter should be able to turn or run straight out.

3. Scooter: When the little one is slightly larger, motor stronger and has been controlled by the balance, the next fun challenge is scooted. In this way, the stroller follows the child's development over several stages.

4. Toys: Stimulates the child's senses in different stages of development. Turning tooth wheels for the little ones. Guitar, phone and balls with putt feature for the slightly larger ones. The removable toy with buttons that trigger light and sound is popular with children of several ages, and the 2 balls you can play with and also stuff in the hole and see countries in the room below give children a lot of pleasure.

Approved for: 6 months+. Max 25 kg. Used indoors. Can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Uses 2 x AA batteries - not included. Made by: pp.
The product is CE marked and complies with the relevant one standards. EN71-2-3

Warning: Never leave the child unattended.
Warning: Avoid access to stairs, steps and uneven surfaces.

Item no.: 3806-40
100% free from pvc
Made in prc