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House of Mammashop ApS
Sivlandvænget 3
5260 Odense S - Denmark


Tlf: 36 93 90 22
E-mail: info@mammashop.dk


Monday - Friday

10:00 - 15:00

NOTICE: We are only a webshop. We do not have any physical stores.

Who Are We? 

At Mammashop we have a dedicated team who works from the standpoint of our three core values: Sustainability, safety, and humanity. Meet a few of our employees below - maybe you'll be in contact with one of them when you shop at Mammashop. 

Mads, Owner

Mads is Co-owner and CEO at Mammashop. Despite his young age, Mads has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and sale of wooden toys. 

Should you have any questions about wooden toys, play food or do you want to have a talk about e-commerce and how to run a webshop, Mads is the one to talk to!




Tina, Customer Service

Tina is our World Champion of customer service. She is also the mother of two girls herself. Should you have any problems with your order or an issue with a product, Tina will be there to answer your inquiry via phone, chat or e-mail. She is ready to help you with your order and guide you through the thousands of products in our shop - you can always ask Tina!




Tine, CCO and Buyer

Tine has four kids and has been in the business for more than 12 years. If anyone knows anything about car seats, strollers, or baby gear it is Tine! With more than 12 years of experience as a buyer she knows all about the best products and brands on the market. Tine makes sure we always have the best products available to you in our shop. 





The History behind Mammashop

Mammashop was founded back in 2007 by a Swedish mom, who made it a priority to spoil Danish and Swedish moms with products for moms and children of the highest possible quality. Since then, the shop has changed owners a couple of times, to eventually end up in the hands of Rene and Mads. Rene became the owner og Mammashop in 2016, and Mads joined the shop in 2018 after having run a similar webshop, selling wooden toys, since 2012. 

We ♥ Danish E-commerce

Mammashop is a Danish webshop. Our office is located in Denmark and we operate under Danish terms when is comes to to VAT and taxes. We love and live for Danish e-commerce and we are experts in the field.

Safe Shopping since 2007

Mammashop has existed since 2007. Some of our employees have been in the kid and baby business for more than 20 years. This means we are experts when it comes to e-commerce and children and babies. You can safely put your trust in us. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service should you have any questions. We have the most competent employees, ready to help you. 


We believe in creating a better world together. That is why we sponsor many different events each year. Since we are a company that works with children, we believe we also have a co-responsibility to look after children all over the world. This we achieve through Mammacare among other things. 

★ We Collect Happy Customers

Since our beginning in 2007 we have been collecting happy and satisfied customers. This is evident from our trustpilot where we have just reached a score of 5/5 stars. We are very proud. 

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

A webshop like ours goes trough a lot of cardboard boxes yearly. We receive quite a few boxes from our suppliers and we use quite a few when we send out orders to our customers. We are actively seeking to reduce our cardboard consumption. Among other things, we recycle many of the boxes we receive from our suppliers when we send out products to our customers. So should you receive a package that looks a bit worn, it is because the cardboard box has been used several times - for your, our and the environment's sake.